1.1 All of the terms and conditions are for FashAddict (FashAddict) owned website

1.2 We allow ourselves to change the prices and terms if necessary (competetive price; growth etc). When a customer made his/her order, all of the terms and prices will remain the same.

1.3 When making an order, we will  take this as a acceptation to our terms and conditions.


2.1 All of the prices are shown in American Dollars (USD $).

2.2 Delivery costs will be applied in the checkout process;  delivery costs are not included in the item price.

2.3 We allow ourselves to change the prices. Total of your order will not be changed, if the item(s) price has been lowered or rised.


3.1 For ordering, you must order through our homepage checkout system.

3.2 When you have made an order, you will receive an invoice to your e-mail.

3.3 You must pay for your order in 5 working days (not including the bank transfer days); if not paid, we will cancel the order.

3.4 You can pay to our bank account or use PayPal.

3.5 Sale contract between FashAddict and the client will be started when the order is fully paid.


4.1 We don´t have our own warehouse and all of the item(s) you see in our homepage, is import products. When you order from us, we will import the product(s) and we will then send the package to you.

4.2 All of the items have their own delivery time. Europe: 10-15 working days; Asia: 45-60 working days; USA: 25-35 working days.

4.3 Delivery costs will be calculated at the checkout.

4.4 If needed, we can use DPD, DHL or UPS.

4.5 We will send all of the packages as a gifts.

4.6 When the order hasn´t arrived in the specific time, we will allow us 10 working days to wait some more and when the package doesn´t arrive then, we will refund you or you can order something new.

4.8 We ship to these countries: Finland, Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Australia. If the country is not listed here, you can contact us and still order!


5.1 According to EU law, customers have the right to return orders within 14 days. In this timeframe, the client needs to inform us about the returning  via e-mail (

5.2 When the order is made (paid and ordered), we will not return money if the order is still in transit. A client can cancel the order, when client has received the order (5.1).

5.3 When returning an item, it needs to be with uncut tags, labels. You will not need to send us the package in the original boxing or package.

5.4 When returning an item, it needs to be unworn.

5.4 14 working day returning policy will not be tolerated when: 1) the item is worn 2) the item has been made for you with your dimensions (ball gowns etc) 3) sale items.

5.5 All of the returning fees will be paid by the client; excluding: when the item is wrong (mixed order) or has a defect.

5.6 When the item(s) have a defect made by the client, we will not refund the money.

5.7 When returning an item, please send us an e-mail: Please fill in this information: name, order number, returning reason and bank account, where we will made the refund.


6.1 We will protect and guard the information you give us! We will not show or allow anyone to use your information.


6.2 We don´t own the product pictures; you can copy them if needed. We are using the product pictures to show people, what we can order. 

6.3 You can´t copy our website design; our ads; our style and  brand.


8.1 We are based in UK, London.

8.2 Our priority e-mail is: